Welcome back

I've made a new mobile-friendly website to keep up with the times. I took quite a long break from producing work to make a career change, which was an attempt to bridge my visual art skills with my love of science and anatomy. I went back to school for three years, moved to Guelph after graduation in 2012, and went straight to work as a Dental Technician. After another three years, I am now slowly easing back into my creative side and trying to bring art back in to focus. I've also been learning how to do taxidermy in my spare time. It satisfies both my interest in anatomy and my passion to keep learning new things.

The majority of the work currently shown here is older, mostly from about 2004-2010, but it's all work that I'm most proud of. I will still be making some additions and rearranging certain areas, but I wanted to "go live" as soon as possible. I will do my best to continue adding new work as I make it, but feel free to take a look, or follow me on instagram, for the most up to date happenings!